Lipodefine™ 980

LipoDefine™ 980: Pioneering Laser Body Sculpting

Revolutionising Body Contouring: As the demand for minimally invasive body sculpting surges, traditional surgery is replaced by less invasive techniques like laser-assisted liposuction, now among the top cosmetic procedures.

Innovative Technology: INTERmedic introduces the LipoDefine™ platform, equipped with IN sensor™ technologies, setting a new standard in Laser Body Defining™ for targeted fat removal.

Enhanced Patient Comfort: This advanced equipment offers a modern approach to body shaping, ensuring a quicker recovery and a more comfortable experience for patients.

Leading Market Excellence: Unmatched Dependability in Laser-Assisted Body Sculpting

  • Peak Performance Diode Laser: LipoDefine™ employs diode laser technology to deliver unrivalled efficiency in laser-assisted liposuction.
  • Optimal Wavelength at 980nm: Features a 980nm wavelength, striking the perfect balance in absorption by both adipose tissue and water, enhancing the efficacy of fat removal.
  • Minimally Invasive, Maximum Precision: The laser's hemostatic properties significantly minimize bleeding, ensuring a nearly bloodless procedure.
  • Durable Laser Generator: Equipped with a long-lasting laser generator for sustained performance and reliability.
  • Precision Energy Control: Offers absolute control over the energy delivered, with energy levels displayed for meticulous management of the procedure.
  • IN-Sensor™ Technology: The advanced IN sensor in the handpiece halts laser emission if the cannula ceases movement, ensuring unparalleled control and safety.
  • Gentle Cannulas for Minimized Trauma: Utilizes atraumatic cannulas, leading to very small incisions and reducing patient discomfort.

Versatility Redefined

LipoDefine™ for Comprehensive Body and Facial Contouring

Body and Facial Remodelling: LipoDefine™ excels in reshaping both body and face, utilizing a minimally invasive approach for aesthetic enhancement.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction: Expertly designed for laser-assisted liposuction, providing a streamlined solution for fat reduction.

Asymmetry Correction: Ideal for correcting asymmetries, LipoDefine™ ensures harmonious balance and proportion across treated areas.

  • How does LipoDefine™ 980 work?

    The LipoDefine™ procedure involves inserting a small laser fiber cannula into the tissue through a small incision in the skin. This cannula is kept in constant movement, to allow the fiber to deliver the laser energy to the adipose tissue. The 980nm diode laser acts by thermal effect, generating heat that damages the cell membrane of the adipocyte. The laser energy causes the rupture of the adipocyte, the liquefaction of the fatty tissue and the coagulation of the collagen fiber. In turn, the thermal effect coagulates small blood vessels, remodels collagen and causes skin retraction (skin tightening).

  • What areas can be treated?

    LipoDefine™ 980 allows you to treat any small area of the face and body, even the most difficult to reach. The most common areas are: double chin (double chin), cheeks, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, back, hips, buttocks, pubis, knees and thighs.
    Laser-assisted liposuction with LipoDefine™ 980 generates minimal edema and bleeding, favoring a faster recovery for patients.



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