Laser Micromachining


Expert Laser Micromachining for Precision Micro Manufacturing

Dynotech, in collaboration with Optek Systems, a global leader in the laser technology field, offers laser micromachining equipment and services involving unconventional materials, innovative processes, extreme precision, massive production volumes, global delivery, and extreme deadlines. We have the expertise for micromachining any feature into any material for any requirement—from laser-marking chocolate to fabricating microfiltration systems for the most advanced medical devices. We know how to analyse your application design and apply the optimum process to achieve it, whether by getting unprecedented results using conventional laser technology or applying state-of-the-art technologies such as ultra-short-pulse lasers.

Whether you need a part, a subsystem, a complete machine—or prefer to get your laser micromachining on a contract manufacturing basis—the applications you see here are only a sample of what we can do. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Laser Micromachining Applications

CCIT Positive Control (Leak Simulation)

Calibration Standards - Cracks

Laser-Processing of Polymer Electronics

Laser Drilled Last Chance Fluid Filters

Laser Processing of Wound Dressings

Glassy Carbon X-Ray Sample Target

Medical Dosing

Laser Processing PV

Probe Card Drilling

O2 Sensor Drilling

Wafer Dicing

Non-Corrode Marking

Slits (HL Assist)


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