Innovating Women's Intimate Health with CO2 Laser

INTERmedic introduces GyneLase™, a pioneering approach to the well-being of women's intimate health, featuring fractional CO2 laser technology. This innovative system merges the photothermal efficacy of CO2 laser with the gentle precision required for the sensitive vaginal area. GyneLase™ offers a risk-free, side-effect-free method that significantly enhances women's quality of life affected by pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause.

Why Choose GyneLase™ for Gynecological Wellness?

GyneLase™ stands out with its CO2 fractional laser, delivering a precise photothermal impact on the vaginal mucosa. This action encourages tissue contraction and rejuvenation, restoring the vaginal canal's natural elasticity. The laser's warmth penetrates the vaginal wall, fostering tissue repair without harm and boosting new collagen production within the endopelvic fascia. Treatments are straightforward and without complications, allowing immediate patient recovery as neither surgery nor incisions are needed. INTERmedic's GyneLase™ represents the all-encompassing laser treatment solution women have been seeking.

Benefits of GyneLase™

Upgradeable System: Multidisciplinary, evolving with clinical needs.

Exclusive Technologies: GynePulse™ and GyneScan™ for precision.

Precise Dosimetry: Tailored for the vaginal mucosa's sensitivity.

Safe Treatment Patterns: A random pulse pattern ensures safety.

Surgical Precision: Unmatched in features for gynaecological surgery.

Intuitive Interface: Easy-to-use software with a colour touchscreen.

Gynecology-Focused: Accessories designed for gynaecological care.

GyneLase™ Applications & Procedures: Enhancing Women's Health and Wellness

  • Syndrome of Urinary Incontinence (SUI):

    GyneLase™ presents a quick, comfortable, and effective remedy for mild to moderate SUI, offering a minimally invasive approach without the need for incisions or bleeding.

  • Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation:

    Childbirth and ageing can lead to vaginal relaxation syndrome. GyneLase™ counters this by stimulating vaginal tissues with laser energy, aiding in the recovery of the vagina's optimal structure.

  • Vulvo-vaginal Cosmetic Surgery:

    For cosmetic and reconstructive genital surgeries, GyneLase™ proves to be a potent tool. Suitable for procedures on the external genitalia, including labioplasty, vaginoplasty, genital bleaching, and childbirth scar revisions.



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