Cryo 7: The Pinnacle of Skin Cooling Technology

How does Cryo 7 work?

During medical and aesthetic procedures, the Cryo 7 delivers controlled, cold air at temperatures down to -30°C directly to the skin surface. This cooling effect is achieved through a specialized hose that directs the cold air to the targeted area, ensuring precise and consistent temperature control.

The cold airflow from the Cryo 7 reduces the skin's temperature before, during, and after laser treatments or injections, providing pain relief, minimizing swelling, and preventing thermal damage to the skin. Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cooling sprays, or ice packs, Cryo 7 offers continuous cooling without interfering with the effectiveness of the laser treatment.

Additionally, the Cryo 7 features several technical innovations, including an eco standby mode for energy efficiency, a defrosting function for smooth operation, and software-controlled monitoring of the defrost water amount. The device's design also allows for quiet operation, making the treatment more comfortable for patients and medical staff.

Optimizing Laser Procedures with Cryo 7: Superior Skin Cooling and Efficiency

  • Unmatched Cooling Efficiency for Laser Treatments:Cryo 7 redefines skin cooling during laser applications and injections, providing consistent pain reduction and protecting against thermal damage. Its ability to cool the skin before, during, and after laser procedures ensures optimal treatment effectiveness.
  • Energy and Cost Efficiency: Designed with low operating costs in mind, the Cryo 7 features an eco standby mode that significantly reduces energy expenses. Its reliable all-day performance, defrosting function, and software-controlled water monitoring ensure seamless operation.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Convenience: With technical advancements for quieter operation, the Cryo 7 enhances the treatment experience for patients and medical staff. Its user-friendly design includes:
    • Energy-saving features.
    • Easy-to-navigate touch display.
    • Customizable settings for maximum convenience

Key Features and Innovations of Cryo 7

Eco-Friendly Standby Operation: Minimizes energy consumption for cost-effective operation.

Intuitive Touch Display: A high-resolution 10-inch screen for easy control and customization.

Effortless Maintenance: Features like a software reminder for water tank levels and an easily replaceable air filter simplify upkeep.

Ergonomic Design: This chair is optimized for comfort, with an ergonomic height, a swivelling spring arm for one-handed operation, and quiet functionality.

Compact and Stylish: Space-saving footprint combined with a modern aesthetic makes it a standout addition to any practice.

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Technical data

Power supply
220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Max. power consumption during therapy
1,2 kW

Eco standby operation
0,55 kWh (Values are based on an internal test)

Medical product
Class IIa

Treatment tube length
250 cm

Housing dimensions
H 106 cm / W 50 cm / L 56 cm

60 kg

Fan levels
9 levels

Cryo 7 is a testament to over 25 years of experience in cryotherapy, offering state-of-the-art technology for enhanced patient care and operational efficiency in medical practices.

List of Applications for Cryo 7

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