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Why Automobile Industry Loves Us

Assembling auto bodies is the heart of automotive manufacturing. Dynotech ensures faster, efficient and cost saving with globally recognized modern solutions to enhance automotive manufacturing and sensor equipment, while allowing the manufacturers to utilize production lines better in a more compact space, and ensuring greater toll flexibility!

Greater Tooling Flexibility

The same laser can weld, braze, cut & increase operational efficiency.

Increased Productivity

Increased process speed & shorter cycle times augment efficiency.

Extreme Precision

Modern lasers are extremely precise and produce consistent quality even with heavy use.

Reduces Space Usage

Compact manufacturing lines with reduced floor-space requirements.

Our Products


3D Printing

Our mission is to create individual Additive Manufacturing solutions for metal printing.


Plastic Welding

We have the necessary process and market know-how at our disposal. We accompany you from sampling to production readiness


Fiber Optic Cables

Dynotech maintains an extensive library of standard fiber optic cable designs for your use in testing ideas or solving simple problems.


Laser Beam Delivery

Dynotech specialises in supplying custom-built high-precision laser systems PAN India. Our products are modular.


Laser Cleaving

Laser cleaving uses precision laser technology to accurately and precisely terminate optical fibers


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is particularly effective and presents strong advantages in many areas where rapid production or the creation of quick prototypes is essential.


Laser Micromachining

Dynotech has proven experience dating to the dawn of laser micromachining technology.


Laser Marking

Dynotech is committed to producing and supplying premium laser marking machines for metal and offering specialised laser marking solutions.


Metal Welding

Metal welding refers to connecting two separate objects (same or dissimilar metals) by atomic or intermolecular bonding through appropriate means.

Why Choose Us

The best laser welding technology from around the world




Years of Experience


Major Industries


Innovative Technology

Adding Value

Our Solutions Enable Automobile Industry to Accelerate Innovation and Drive Multiple Transformations in the Global Ecosystem

Dynotech Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer in enduing a diverse range of lasers and related equipment that cater to Automobile manufacturing and scientific research in India. Bringing tomorrow’s technology today, we endeavour to support and ensure that Indian scientists and industrialists reach their goals of creating world-leading innovations and products.


Frequently asked questions

  • Is laser used in automobile manufacturing?

    Lasers are employed at every stage of the car manufacturing process, from design and development to final assembly.

  • How do lasers improve automotive manufacturing operations?

    Laser technology offers significant advantages for modern manufacturers.

    • 1. Extreme Precision
    • 2. Quick Changeovers
    • 3. Faster Processing Speed
    • 4. Managing Compact Manufacturing Spaces
    • 5. Increasing Flexibility
  • Is laser cutting used in the manufacturing of automobile parts?

    Laser cutting is the most frequently used application in the automobile industry. In the cutting process, enough laser power is supplied to remove the material altogether. Laser cutting can cut materials with various degrees of hardness. The laser beam, including metal parts, plastics, airbag fabrics, composite materials, etc., can cut different materials used in automobile and manufacturing.



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